Home Missions Update (December 2022)

Choir at Immanuel Hmong Lutheran in St. Paul, MN – Celebrating Hmong New Year in traditional dress

Celebrating Thanksgiving & Hmong New Year in St. Paul, MN 

Pastor Pheng Moua

On November 20, 2022, the congregation of Immanuel Hmong Lutheran in St. Paul, MN welcomed friends and guests to a special Thanksgiving and Hmong New Year celebration.  This is a yearly celebration which includes members dressing in traditional Hmong attire.  The celebration includes a special worship service followed by dinner that includes many Hmong dishes.  This years’ service also included a family of seven being baptized!  

Immanuel Hmong Lutheran Church started in 1992 by Ger Yang with about 15 families of 60 souls including strong families (husbands, wives, and children). Tragically in December 1995, Ger Yang passed away in Thailand during his 3rd missionary trip. After Ger’s death, most of the families left the church. What was left of the church congregation was Chao Yang, the daughter of Ger Yang and her siblings, a couple widows and some young men including, Pheng Moua. 

On October 16th, 1996, Pheng Moua was ordained and called to serve Immanuel Hmong.  The Lord has been able to turn around Immanuel Hmong from all the obstacles and hardship, with a few widows and orphans into nowadays a church of over 40 families of 248 souls.  The congregation currently worships in St. Paul using St. John’s Lutheran Church building.

In addition to the annual Thanksgiving and Hmong New Year celebration, Immanuel Hmong also host various other activities such as Marriage retreats, Vacation Bible Studies, Summer fun festivals, Family camping and many different choirs.  

The Minnesota District mission board has had direct relationship with Immanuel Hmong and continues to support and encourage the congregation.  God has truly blessed this Immanuel Hmong and we pray that God would continue to bless this home mission!

For more information on Immanuel Hmong, please visit their website: www.immanuelhmong.net

New Minnesota District Missions Board Members

In October 2022, Pastor John Boeder accepted a call to Ascension Lutheran Church in Escondido, CA.  John was a member of our board, and we thank him for his service on board!  Backfilling Pastor Boeder is Pastor Dustin Sievert who is currently serving at St. Croix Lutheran Academy in South St. Paul, MN.  We welcome Dustin to the Minnesota District Mission Board!

New Missions or Enhancements

If you have any Home Mission ideas or questions, the Minnesota District Board would love to work with you to solidify these New Missions and Mission Enhancements.  

MN District Mission Board & Resources

Rev. Steve Waldschmidt (Chair)
Christ Alone
Dardenne Prairie, MO
(636) 445-0440
Mr. Doug Dorn
St. Paul’s
Litchfield, MN
(320) 212-6100
Rev. Rev Mark Kaesmeyer
West Lutheran High School
Plymouth, MN
(763) 498-9940
Rev. Dustin Sievert
St. Croix Lutheran Academy
West St. Paul, MN
(920) 419-5968
Rev. Rob Guenther
St. John’s
New Ulm, MN
(507) 240-2433
Mr. Daryl Schultz
Resurrection & Life
Rochester, MN
 (507) 261-6906
For additional information on the MN District Home Missions and resources for help with new mission start-ups or mission enhancements, please reference the following website:

To download a copy of this update, please click the download link below:

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