Home Missions Update (January 2022)

New Home Missions Approved!

Over this past year, there as been two new mission startups in the Minnesota District have been approved!  

The first Mission Start-up this year is in North Liberty, Iowa, which is located right by Cedar Rapids.  North Liberty will be part of a dual site with Good Shepherd Lutheran, Cedar Rapids.  This past Spring, North Liberty was blessed with a new Sementary graduate, Pastor Lucas Callies.  

The second Mission Start-up this year is in Collinsville, Illinios.  Collinsville is a new mission in the St.Louis East Metro.  Christ Savior Lutheran is an extension ministry of Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church in St. Louis, Missouri to better serve the spiritual needs of the people in the southern Illinois area.  Christ Savior Lutheran in Collinsville is currently in the process of calling a pastor.

We are excited to have an opportunity to expand our mission outreach in North Liberty and Collinsville.  Please keep both congregations in your prayers that God may bless their ministries!

100 Missions in 10 Years

At a recent synod convention, WELS delegates overwhelmingly endorsed an opportunity to expand our effrots to share the gospel.  The plan is to start up 100 new missions and 75 new mission enhancements in 10 years starting in 2023.  

WELS Board for Home Missions’ plan is similarly ambitious.  Large areas of the United States are still not served by a WELS congregation.  Why not plan big and determine, under God, to open new missions and mission enhancements in the next 10 years?

The Minnesota Home Missions Board is seeking your help with this initiative.  If you notice an underserved area in our district, live in a growing subsurb, or see cluster of members traveling a distance to attend worship at your church, please reach out to our Board members.

Large parts of Minnesota already have congregations, so there may be more Mission Enhancements opportunities.  Mission Enhancements are where congregations see an opportunity to expand their ministry to reach more lost souls, and they have started to develop plans and commit resources for this expanded ministry; however, local financial resources are limited.  A Mission Enhancement could help infuse funding over a short 2 to 4 year period to kick start this minstry.

Examples of Mission Enhancements are: Hispanic and cross cultural ministries; Outreach to School Choice families, and campus ministries.

If you have any ideas or input, the Minnesota District Board would love to work with you to solidify these New Missions and Mission Enhancements.  We will help you submit the plans and financial needs to the Synod Board for Home Missions for approval.

MN District Mission Board & Resources

Rev. Steve Waldschmidt (Chair)
Christ Alone
DarDenne Prairie, MO
(636) 445-0440
Mr. Doug Dorn
St. Paul’s
Litchfield, MN
(320) 212-6100
Rev. Rev Mark Kaesmeyer
West Lutheran High School,
Plymouth, MN
(763) 498-9940
Mr. Dave Sauer
Eden Prairie, MN
(952) 401-9142
Rev. Rob Guenther
St. John’s
New Ulm, MN
(507) 240-2433
Mr. Daryl Schultz
Resurrection & Life
Rochester, MN
 (507) 261-6906
For additional information on the MN District Home Missions and resources for help with new mission start-ups or mission enhancements, please reference the following website:

To download a copy of this update, please click the download link below:

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