Mission Enhancments: Process & Links

With the up coming goal of 75 Mission Enhancements, this webpage can serve as a way to understand the process and list out links to the required documentation. This is currently a “draft” for use by the Minnesota District Mission Board (MN DMB).

What is a Mission Enhancement?

A congregation or ministry group has seen a need to enhance its ministry program to reach more lost souls.   Plans have been developed and the congregation or group has committed personnel and financial resources to the program.  However, the local financial resources are not enough to permit the plan to succeed.  With the approval of the DMB, plans and financial needs are submitted to the Board for Home Missions (BHM).  If approved by the BHM, financial resources are approved for a limited time.  The limited funding will normally be for 2-4 years.  

Mission Enhancement Criteria

What needs to be submitted for a Mission Enhancement?

1.) BIR – Basic Information & Request Form

2.) 6 Questions

3.) Financial Plans (fiscal year and the two following fiscal years)

4.) Cover Letter (from the DMB giving clear rationale for the years requested as well as the amount of subsidy requested.)

5.) DMB Evalution Form

MN District Home Missions Board

Welcome to the new website for the Minnesota District Home Mission Board! The purpose of this website is to better communicate and share home mission updates and resources across the Minnesota District.

The Minnesota District is made up of WELS congregations across Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and small portion of Illinois and Wisconsin. Our district mission board is responsible for coordinating and facilitating mission work in the Minnesota District. We do this by recommending areas for new mission openings to the Synod’s Board for Home Missions, by helping missions secure land and facilities and by working with our district missions to reach out to their communities and to attain self-support.

For help or questions regarding Home Missions within the Minnesota District, please click the Contacts link within the website.